The PRC occupies the attic floor of a large private house two miles from Taunton. The Newman Collection incorporates what was inherited from the NDS in 1964, and all that has been acquired since by Spencer. The library has a particularly strong collection of religious directories (Protestant as well as Catholic) covering not only the British Isles but also the rest of the world. An Annotated Bibliography of Newman Demographic Survey reports & papers, 1954-1964, was published in 2006. A draft bibliography of PRC reports & papers, 1964-2009 (including a register of work in progress) was prepared for the PRC Trustees but has not yet been edited for publication.

The archives filing system has followed the same model since 1953, but due to lack of space and time it is often very difficult to find papers that are known to exist. The Third World archive is stored in two garages and is not accessible.

The databank consists of schedules, questionnaires, pre-perforated needle-sort Mc Bee cards, 80 column punch cards, microfilms, CDs, data on the computer hard-drive, and card indexes. Three quarters of the McBee cards relating to the 1961 Census of Clergy & Religious were lost in N. Ireland, and a small fraction of the 1957 YCW survey questionnaires have been damaged by rising damp.

The Newman Collection is open to established researchers and journalists by prior appointment.

The PRC has the use of the IT and printing equipment, and office and library furniture, of Russell-Spencer Ltd., a redundant family company owned by the Spencers, which prints, publishes and distributes all NDS and PRC reports and papers. The financial resources of the PRC Trust are set out in its annual reports and accounts. Spencer is the Hon. Secretary of the Trust and its only full-time researcher.

Anthony Spencer